Feedback System

Our system allows you to get into your visitors minds, by simply asking them what they think, and rewarding them with a small cash prize ($0.50 or a few dollars, it's up to you) when they submit their feedback.

In addition to the user's feedback, you get full analytics and stats to improve your

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How it works

We love simplifying the most complex concepts

  • Open an account

    This is the first step of the journey.

  • Add new survey

    Create a survey with the questions to present to your visitors and the reward amount (optional).

  • Fund your account optional

    If you offer a cash reward on your survey, then you'll have to deposit money into your account to publish the survey. Otherwise, you don't need to pay anything at all.

  • Add our script to your site

    Copy/Paste this script in the footer of your site, or contact us if you need help.
    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://rewardfeedback.com/load.js" data-rf-acct="your-account-id"></script>

  • Done!

    You can check on your dashboard who visited your site, who was presented with the survey, and the feedback provided.

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Our customers love us

The code was really easy to add to my site and it offers quite a lot of useful options. It's beautiful, secure and the customer service is awesome.
Thank you!
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Always know what you'll pay.

If people answer to your surveys you will only pay a small transaction fee. Otherwise, you don't get charged at all.


per transaction

$ 0 .00

per month

What you get







  • Smart Analytics

    Know who said what, when and where, and tie actions from an anonymous "persona" to a registered user.

  • Worldwide access

    You can target visitors from all over the world and improve your website/app based on their opinions.

  • Secure payment & feedback collection

    Your payment information and your user's feedback is secured with 256-bit bank-level encryption.


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